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What is Fresh Traditions


Fresh Traditions is a program of CHAT and a culturally inspired fashion event that exhibits the creativity, originality, and quality of work by Hmong fashion designers. The history of Hmong art is rooted and sewn into the fabrics of traditional Hmong clothing where the unique combination of vibrant colors and textures makes the Hmong identifiable.


Event Information: 

Date of Event - September 28, 2019

Time of Event - Door opens at 6pm to event attendees

Volunteers Report to duties according to assign positions and time slot.

Location of event - Union Depot 240 E Kellogg Blvd #70, St Paul, MN 55101 Include map 


More information can be found here: Union Depot Map; Union Depot Parking

Volunteer Roles: 

  • Check In / Registration

    • Welcome attendees and locate their seats by name or email

    • Provide attendees with VIP wristbands and/or gift bag, and T-shirts

  • Backstage Support

    • Assist designers and models with garments

    • May chaperone models to places

    • Clean up area

  • Front house / Vendor Support

    • Welcome and assist vendors with set up

    • Clean up area

  • Security/Usher

    • Welcome and assist attendees locate their seats

    • Manage entrances to backstage (unauthorized persons are not allowed backstage)

  • Set Up Crew

    • Report to Volunteer Coordinator

    • Provide support to event

  • Photographer

    • Document vendors area

    • Document backstage area

    • Document runway area

  • Videographer

    • Record entire show

    • Produce full event video

  • Models

    • Provide support to designers

    • May bring homework or things to work on

  • Make-up Artist

    • Provide support to designers and models

    • Must provide your own make-up and tools

  • Hair Artist 

    • Provide support to designers and models

    • Must provide your own tools and supplies 

Volunteer Expectations: 

  • Volunteers are expected to be punctual and report to the volunteer coordinator at least 10-15 minutes prior to starting assigned shift. This will assure that all positions are covered by a staff during the venue. 

  • Volunteers will be given event T-Shirt. Please wear the T-shirt along with staff badge for exposure.  This will make it easy for event attendees to spot staff for directions and information.

  • Be polite and greet guests/attendees.  Our guests are paying for an experience and we want them to feel welcome and excited.

  • Our volunteers’ help is what makes the event run smoothly, safe and fun. We ask that you be professional and fulfill your task as specified and agreed upon by both parties.

  • Be alert and attentive.

  • Try not to have personal or disruptive conversations. Refrain from being on your phone and stay focused on task.

  • If a situation arises, the volunteer should report immediately to the Volunteer Coordinator.  A floater staff will standby.

  • Report any odd activities and alert key contacts immediately.  

  • Must have reliable transportation and can be dropped off at venue  

Committee Members:

Volunteer Event Booklet

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